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What We Are

The Kansas Association of the Deaf (KAD) is a statewide non-profit organization operating independently of government and other organizations. KAD serves not only to its membership, but to all Deaf Kansans.  KAD is dedicated to advocate, act and ensure the quality of life, rights and language of all Deaf Kansans of all ages are valued, respected and protected through legislation, policies, and community/government services.

Our Mission

To protect, preserve, and promote the civil, human, and linguistic rights of the Deaf and Deaf-Blind individuals in Kansas.

Our Purpose

To encourage Deaf people by securing moral, intellectural, and social improvement of their educational and vocational opportunities and by promoting measures tending to better the condition and standing in society at large. 

Our History

KAD was found in 1909 at a picnic in Wichita with 42 members because the founders were concerned about the welfare of the Deaf community. The organization was chartered by the State of Kansas in 1910. KAD has been affiliated with National Association of the Deaf (NAD) since 1911. More information about NAD can be found at

Our Members

KAD is always accepting new members. Members keep KAD going strong!  Please become a member for KAD. Anyone, including non-Deaf and out of staters can become a member.  As a Deaf KS resident member, you will be able to serve as an officer to improve KAD in many areas. You will have the opportunity gain, improve, and learn new leadership skills. All graduating Deaf seniors from a Kansas high school get two years of free membership.

Social Justice

To advocate, act, and ensure that the quality of life, rights, and language of Deaf, and Deaf-Blind Kansans are protected through legislation, policies, services impacting their bilingual education, holistic/healthy early Deaf identities, attitudinal/ environmental inclusivity, equality and equitable opportunities.

Are you experiencing  injustice in Kansas?


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