2019-2021 GOALS

  • Promote information about KSD as the LRE with a ASL-English Bilingual Program

  • Monitor and support the LAPDHH program, be ready to advocate if new challenges arise

  • Host a Jr. NAD event during the school year

  • Partner and support Deaf organizations and allies in alignment with KAD's Mission, such as KCDHH, KAI-RID, MDHAC, etc.

  • Provide workshop/trainings for the Deaf community

  • Display KAD Booth at various Deaf related events

  • Provide sponsorship/support for Deaf Youths and other Deaf events/organizations

  • Encourage and support all Deaf clubs/organizations to be affiliated with KAD

  • Board to attend the 8th Biennial NAD's National Leadership Training Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas in October 2019

  • Board to attnd the 55th Biennial NAD Conference in Chicago, Illinois in July 2020

  • KAD to create a new family friendly theme of a combined cookout/retreat conference for the 46th Biennial Conference in 2021

  • KAD to host its 46th Biennial Conference & Retreat in the middle of the state

  • KAD to use ASL more often for its social media platforms with transcripts or captions

  • KAD to conduct and complete a member interest survey by February 2020

  • KAD to gain 100 new members by 2021



  • Advocated and succeed in the push of hiring a Deaf Superintendent for KSD

  • Stregthened JOCO Sheriff Office's relationship with the Deaf community

  • Continued support and involvement with LEAD-K Advisory Committee

  • SB323 implementation proposal was approved by the Senate Education Committee and given the green light to implement LAPDHH

  • KSD implements the SB323 - LAPDHH (Language Assessment Program for DHH)

  • K-CAP begins and continues advocating for Mental Health Services for the Deaf community

  • Co-Hosted 'Touch Signals Workshop' for the DeafBlind

  • Attended all KAD Advisory Council meetings

  • Sponsored Deaf youths to attend leadership events (YLC, Jr.NAD Conference, Jr.NAD-KS Retreat, and National Deaf Youth Day)

  • Hosted Townhall Meetings on Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Voters Registration, and KAD Presentations

  • Attended Deaf/Hard of Hearing Day at the Capitol

  • Supported the Deaf Cultural Month Events

  • Supported and promoted KSD as the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) with a strong ASL-English program

  • Co-Hosted with KAI-RID the "Community Conversation" series

  • KAD Board chaired and coordinated the 4tth Biennial KAD Conference in Overland Park, KS.

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