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Accomplishments and Goals



  • Supported the LEAD-K bill (SB 323) - it passed!

  • Attended all LEAD-K Advisory Committee Meetings

  • Got NAD to give recognition to Senator Julia Lynn for LEAD-K sponsorship

  • Attended all Kansas School for the Deaf (KSD) Advisory Council Meetings

  • Sent open letters to Kansas Board of Education regarding the superintendent position at KSD

  • Sent open letters to Department of Children and Families concerning about VR services

  • Attended Text-to-911 meeting

  • Attended Town Hall at Olathe Medical Center regarding healthcare needs for Deaf people

  • Sponsored Deaf/HH Youths to attend leadership events (YLC, JrNAD conference, and JrNAD-KSD retreat, National Deaf Youth Day)

  • Supported the De'VIA movement

  • Supported the Deaf Grassroots Movement

  • Hosted events: Legislative training, town halls, KAD Presentations

  • Attended Deaf and Hard of Hearing Day at the Capitol

  • Supported the Deaf Awareness Week/Deaf Cultural Month

2017-2019 GOALS

  • Continue to support and be involved on the LEAD-K Advisory Committee

  • Continue to K-CAP

  • Continue to promote information about Kansas School for the Deaf, which is a great school in Kansas with a strong ASL-English Bilingual program, using up-to-date curriculum standards in all school

  • Continue to monitor on the Kansas School for the Deaf budget issues and challenges

  • Host a Jr. NAD Day during the school year

  • Partnership with other statewide educational organizations such as KAI-RID, KID, HLAA-KC,

  • Continue to provide more workshops/trainings to Deaf/HH community

  • Continue to hold Exhibition Booths

  • Continue sponsoring Deaf Youths and other Deaf events

  • Encourage clubs/organizations to be affiliated of KAD

  • 7th Biennial NAD’s National Leadership Training Conference Oklahoma City, October 2017

  • 54th Biennial NAD Conference on July 2018 in Hartford, Conn

  • KAD State-wide Picnic/Workshop in 2018

  • 45th Biennial KAD Conference in 2019