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2023-2025 GOALS

  • Increase memberships

  • Offer youth and young adult activity fundraisers

  • Sponsor youth/young adults for leadership opportunities

  • Grow and nurture new leaders through training/mentoring opportunities

  • Become more savvy with social media to increase visibility

  • Offer workshops for community

  • Board members to attend the National Black Deaf Advocates Conference in 2023 & 2025

  • Board members to attend the National Leadership Training Conference in 2023 & 2025

  • Board members to attend National Association of the Deaf Conference in July 2024

  • Continue building relationships with legislators

  • Increase advocacy efforts to dismantle injustice


  • Board hosted the successful Deaf Night Live, welcoming the NAD Board to Kansas.

  • Gave a presentation for the Deaf Day at the State Capitol.

  • Hosted a Town Hall meeting on severe weather warning systems.

  • Successfully advocated for the passing of 4 legislative bills.

  • Sent 19 advocacy letters.

  • Gained 4 brand new board members, creating a multigenerational board.

  • Provided vlogs, captions and transcriptions for its media.

  • Established the Deaf Senior Citizens Section Committee.

  • Hosted a Financial Stages of Life workshop.

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