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The DEAF INFLUENCERS SCHOLARSHIP is funding awards for eligible young Deaf individuals of Kansas ages 16 through 30 to ELEVATE, EXPAND, and ENHANCE their personal skill building endeavors in their specific fields of interests, entrepreneurship, advocacy, and activism. 

YEAR 2024 AWARD AMOUNT:  $50 - $3,000

Applications are accepted at any time during the award year.

The DEAF GAIN LaRosh Scholarship is funding awards for eligible young Deaf adults ages 18 through 40, Deaf-led/owned organizations, businesses or groups of Kansas to create or support endeavors that contribute to the elevation and growth of Deaf leaders, the Deaf community, the Deaf ecosystem, and human diversity.

YEAR 2025 AWARD AMOUNT:  $100 to $6,000

APPLICATION PERIOD: Accepting applications from March 1st to April 30th Annually.

Such endeavors awarded include initiatives in a wide range of areas:

  • Endeavors that are novel or experimental and evoke surprise.

  • Endeavors that challenge and inspire.

  • Endeavors that create revolutionary products or services.

  • Endeavors that foster collectivist and multigenerational communities.

  • Endeavors that grow new or strengthen existing leaders or entrepreneurs.

  • Endeavors that promote social justice and human biological diversity.

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