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Youth Sponsorship Guideline

1. Purpose

         The Youth Sponsorship pays up to three hundred ($300) for

Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing youth to attend a youth camp (i.e. Youth Leadership Camp (YLC), Aspen Camp, theatre camp, or sports camp).  The sponsorship helps the youth to grow their skills in specific areas.


2.  KAD Board Approval


Youth will write a personal letter requesting sponsorship and will attach to their letter their high school transcript showing a GPA 2.5 or higher. This will be sent to the KAD Youth Coordinator.   KAD Youth Coordinator will share with the KAD Board for their approval.


3.  Sponsorship Agreement


KAD Youth Coordinator will discuss the agreement with the youth 

who will be receiving sponsorship.


KAD Board expects the youth to share their camp experience by doing one of the following listed below within 3 months after attending the camp:

               1) Write an article for the KAD Newsletter

               2) Do a vlog

               3) Give presentation at a KAD event


If the youth does not meet the agreement by doing one of the listed above within 3 months after attending the camp, the youth is required to return the sponsorship money in full to KAD.

To contact the KAD Youth Program Coordinator:

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