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Full Application Form Accepted in American Sign Language or in written English.

“The human brain does not discriminate between the hands and the tongue. People discriminate, but not our biological human brain.” 


- Dr. Laura Ann Petitto


In alignment with the Kansas Association of the Deaf’s mission, which is to PRESERVE, PROTECT, and PROMOTE the civil, human, linguistic, DEAF GAINS and RIGHTS of Deaf Kansans, the Youth Sponsorship is herein known as the DEAF INFLUENCERS SCHOLARSHIP.  


The DEAF INFLUENCERS SCHOLARSHIP’s purpose is to award an individual scholarship(s) up to at least a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $3,000 annually, for as long as funds are available, to Kansas’s young Deaf individuals ages 16 through 30, to ELEVATE, EXPAND, and ENHANCE their skills in their specific fields of interests, advocacy, and activism.  As a result, Deaf leaders are created to contribute and INFLUENCE the elevation and growth of Deaf Leaders, the Deaf Community, the Deaf Ecosystem and Human Diversity.


The DEAF INFLUENCERS SCHOLARSHIP can be awarded for personal skill building endeavors such as but not limited to:


  • Deaf Leadership Camps

  • Deafhood Institute Trainings

  • National Leadership Training Conferences

  • National Black Deaf Advocates Conferences

  • National Association of the Deaf Conferences

  • Any Deaf Centered Conferences

  • Skill-Specific Workshops/Seminars/Trainings

  • Advocacy & Social Justice Trainings

  • Entrepreneurship Trainings

  • Deaf Centered Retreats

  • Artivism Trainings/Workshops/Conferences

  • Deaf Interpreters Trainings/Workshops/Conferences

  • Deaf Studies, Intersectionality and Deaf Communities Courses

  • Language fluency and Linguistics Workshops/Courses

  • Film, Theater, Arts and Media Workshops

  • Social Media Deaf Influencers trainings/Workshops

  • Legislation, Policy Making, Politics, and Campaign Trainings/Workshops

  • and many more that INFLUENCE and elevate the growth of Deaf Leaders, the Deaf Community, the Deaf Ecosystem and Human Diversity.



  • Applicant(s)must be Deaf and must be in the 16 through 30 age range. KAD will use the applicant's State issued ID or Driver's License as proof.

  • Applicant(s) must be a Kansas Resident. KAD will use the applicant's State Issued ID or Driver's License as proof.

  • Applicant(s) must be a member of KAD. The KAD Board will verify applicant's membership standing through its membership roster.




Applications are accepted at any time during the award year.




Scholarship Award Criteria: Awarding of scholarships is contingent upon the strength of the application, fund availability, the proposed individuals' endeavor merit, and the volume of applications received. Receipt of a scholarship is not guaranteed.

Confidentiality Assurance: Personal details such as age, address, and driver's license number are treated with utmost confidentiality and will not be disclosed. Information pertaining to the awarded endeavor may be shared publicly.

Selection Process: The KAD Board of Directors convenes as requests come in, to evaluate and vote by majority to approve the request.

Announcement of Winners: The KAD Board of Directors will announce the scholarship recipient(s) on its website and may also utilize other available media sources for announcements.

If you have any questions, email to

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